I have a problem with kodi everytime I place a build on Kodi, it keeps closing down. Also, do you know how to view Kodis log file? Have you enabled installation from unknown sources in the settings menu? Is there a particular code segment within the guisetting file that I could tweak or delete that might allow the system to boot and still keep most of my settings, or something to look for that might fix this library updating issue? I updated my old 16.2 Kodi app to the newest version on my M8S-II Android TV box. Should I download and reinstall Kodi? Besides that, it is compatible with devices like Fire TV, Firestick, Firestick Lite, Mac, Android, iOS, Android Boxes, and Android TV. Once the box booted to the main menu, Id click the Kodi icon and get the first run screen where Id select include addons. If you're unsure which plugin is causing the issue, try deleting your most recently installed addons or repositories and loading Kodi to see if it works. As for your Kodi problem, thats likely due to the addon changing address or being taken offline. Ian, You seem to be the most knowledgeable and I am hoping you can help. I dont get the Kodi splash screen or anything. Thank You. Ian, Hi, Ive been having a quite annoying issue with my kodi on pc, in that whenever a show or movie loads a lot of colours are just replaced with grey. 673K views 1 year ago After upgrading to Kodi 19, you'll notice that most of your streaming add-ons are not working anymore as they are not compatible. I have reinstalled Exodus Redux again and still the problem. It is worth mentioning that other alternatives to Real-Debrid are LinkSnappy, AllDebrid, and Premiumize. Which doesnt tell me anything helpful. There has been a recent Amazon Fire software update that seems to have broken video player options: such as skip, Fast-forward, and bookmark resume. For example, you may run into issues while trying to fix Kodi on your Firestick that never occur on the Android version of the software. A question about the video playback zoom: Hope this helps, Ian. Click this three times and it should turn to Expert. Fallout is the new Build for Kodi 19 Matrix. Appreciate any help you could provide, Hi Lewis, this is a complicated one since there are a number of potential causes. Thanks, Ian. The addon may be outdated or no longer supported by its developers. Popular add-ons in Doomzday Build are Asgard, DejaVu, Tempest, Seren, C Goto, TV One, etc. Hi Ian, If not, you might want to consider reinstalling Kodi to see if your OS upgrade messed something up. Builds tend to include unofficial addons, which we cant provide support for. Have you tried testing some from the official Kodi repo? At the bottom-left, youll see another gear icon: click it until it says Expert. If your stream crashes entirely, Id like you to install the Indigo tool from the TVAddons repository (http://fusion.tvaddons.co). I use Kodi in my spare time from college so this is super frustrating for me. This seems to have resolved the issue? Thanks, Ian, I am a natural troubleshooter and know my way around pretty well with KODI as I have used it since before the name change..so with that said..lol I am having some issues with 18.1 that I cant seem to resolve so I hope maybe you can help, if not I am sure like always it will work itself out over time but these few are constantly disrupting our viewing and my husband is getting bitchy about it so HELP.. Hi Charity, can I ask which addons youre having trouble using? I dont change anything and just click on the file to play it on my PC for that 1 second. When you install Kodi, its trying to install your old addons, right? However, during start-up it will run through its paces as if it is opening, but ultimately ending at a black screen. Kodi is not frozen thru all this. Hi David, while we cant troubleshoot third-party addons, this sounds like an issue with your network or Kodi installation. Use a file explorer to navigate to Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/ (this folder is hidden, so you might have to enable the show hidden folders option). This content has many genres, such as TV Shows, Films, Kids, Sports, Free, and One-Click. Although one of the benefits of Lite Build is that it supports Trakt integration for a personalized streaming experience and Real Debrid for HD streaming; besides, this Build has other add-ons like Asgard, YouTube, The black Lightning, Shadow, and Tempest. Ian thank you i will try a factory reset,,i only run 3 addons and this problem occurred before i got them. This is simple enough: without internet access, you cant watch videos hosted online. iPlayer WWW is good for British TV, Viewster and Crackle are good for movies, Crunchyroll is good for anime, and so on. Ive done a bit of reading and it seems like Kodi struggles to run in fullscreen over remote desktop connections for some reason. However, there are a couple of issues that could be responsible for the crashes. Third time this has happened where Kodi is not loading anything. Xenon is the buisness!!! Anyone help? Hope this helps, Ian. Hi Ian, I have the same problem, and it wont let me add anything as the error message reads unable to connect to server. We have uninstalled Kodi, losing all our favourites etc, and reloaded it along with trying new add ons. Hi, its difficult to say what the source of the problem is without further info but this definitely isnt a common issue. However, it uses many top add-ons like Venom, Asgard, Loop, Odin, and, The Endzone 19. Next, scroll down to the Add-ons tab and click Manage dependencies. i have kodi v 17.3 on my firestick. Thanks for any help you can give. I have a digixstream box and it quit receiving my wifi signal. We have a step-by-step guide to using Indigo here: https://www.comparitech.com/kodi/install-indigo-kodi-addon/, Hopefully this helps you but if youre still having difficulty, feel free to leave another message. You should be able to find this option in your boxs Settings menu. Also, there are different options for Wizards and Add-ons. Thanks, Ian. The pre-loaded add-ons are already quite impressive in and of itself, and compared to other builds, it works quite fast. Blank thumb nail as well. Common mistakes include misspellings, not using the proper letter case (e.g., inserting upper or lowercase letters where they dont belong), forgetting to include http:// at the start, and in some cases, missing the repos file extension. Repository Name: Doomzday RepoRepository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday. Covenant has actually been offline for a while now, so thats likely the issue here. Movie links work fine, just not any TV shows. 4. > When the T95m box was on, there was a blue light that would flicker whenever the box was just started and when Kodi was started and when watching content on Kodi. I have Kodi 17.6, with Real-Debrid, using a VPN and build No Limits Magic v9.0. Hey Stewart were you able to fix problem with add-on taking you back to home screen? I also went to Kodi and cleared Data. There should be some indication of the problem in there. Im using Kodi on my notebook using Windows 8.1. Hi Clive, weve had numerous reports of problems with the Xbox version of Kodi, so youre not alone. Recently I had issues with my external drive as it keeps freezing for some reason so I bought a new one and transferred all my movie files to the new external drive. You should be able to transfer the files to and from your PC in exactly the same way as before. Hi Wim, its difficult to say what the problem is here. Given that the usual solutions didnt work, Id recommend downloading a clean version of Kodi and seeing if the issue persists. Some flashed up an icon like the no limits wizard did. instead of build home page, Sounds like the build didnt install properly. Select Install from repository then choose Diggz Repository. If so, try going into the settings menu and seeing if there are any options other than Confluence. The Debrid links include many services like Premiumize, Real-Debrid, All Debrid, and Link Snappy. I saw one say something about my playstation controller so I disabled that feature to see if that worked. Thanks, Hi Stewart, are you using a build by any chance? and WIn 10 Pro. 1234 is NOT working in the 7.6 upgrade. Thanks, Ian. Additionally, you can integrate your Real-Debrid account for HD Streaming. At the main screen, clicked the Kodi icon and got the starting first run screen. Like other Kodi 19.5 Builds, Cosmic One also has many streaming categories. Hi John, it sounds to me as though the service may have moved or gone offline. Im having an issue with Kodi 18.3 on my fairly new Asus Laptop running Windows 10, installed from the Microsoft Store, and i currently have the Xanax build on it. Can you help me please. I used iplayer on Kodi a while ago without any issues. Thanks, Ian, Hi Ian Ive had intermittent issues since I up dated Kodi to 18.5 on my firestick Ive followed your advice and carried out a full re installation to no avail. Hi i just got a new box t95z put a build on it when i shut it down leave for a few hours start it up when the build loads up the add ons wont load just says error then i have to reboot the box and its fine cant work it out never use to do it on my old box can u help plz, It says cannot reach server address not found if that make any sense to you. James is the Co-founder of VPNHACKS.COM. Thanks so much for your time. I use mt VPN, IP Vanish, before I access Kodi. I am just trying to learn how to set up and configure add-ons and such things. My android Kodi box started acting up last night. Select Program add-ons. Can I ask what operating system youre using (Windows, Android, etc)? It can be confusing sometimes, but Im happy to take a look if youd like. Your comments are appreciated. Just updated from 17.6 to 18.1 RC4, there were no issues and everything went smoothly, but I have just noticed that when playing a video file or a music file I can no longer move the button along the progress bar to skip to the part of the file I want to see or hear. Could be that these two files have been corrupted in some way. hi how I recently had a storm come through which made my power flick on and off so I unplugged my cable box until the storm is over now when I click on Kodi it says kodis not running do I want to wait or close it thats where Im stuck at now is there an easy fix for this. Kodi 18.6, has been stable, using Hardware Acceleration, no issues. To do this, go to Settings > Player > Videos > Enable Hardware Acceleration DXVA2. If this doesnt work, just let me know and Ill try and come up with another solution. I can however install individual repos that work fine, but never a build. Ian. Hence, I suggest using the most secure VPN, i.e., ExpressVPN, which has military-grade encryption. There is a little-known error that can cause your Kodi addons to not perform searches, updates or streams correctly. I cant delete addons either. I took a new nvidia out of the box and same thing. For instance, until fairly recently, LibreELEC users couldnt install the Netflix addon due to its reliance on files that werent present in just-enough-OS platforms. Next, try restarting Kodi and launching CBS again. Every time I switch Kodi back on it says preparing for first run. I searched for posters and find most of them. I f so; Some detailed instruction would be great. I went through Applications and did clear cache and force stop with no results. Secondly, may I ask which build youre using? Luckily, getting rid of old files is easy. Hi Trevor, when youre playing a video, you sh ould be able to adjust the audio offset and resolution from the menu on the bottom-right. wait ten minutes still circling From the fireTVs homescreen, just go to Settings > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Clear cache. I cant speak for Covenant specifically, but this could be due to a slow internet connection. Its important to note that third-party addons are usually less stable than official ones. If the show plays normally, it could be that your internet speeds are too slow. Thanks for your time and assistance. Anyone know of another build that is somewhat similar? Try checking for updates and if that doesnt work, see if the problem persists with different addons. I luckily just started backing up my library, so I wont loose all of my watched markings and fanart, and do have that old Titan skin backup from March. It worked before I did the suggested update.. Mostly. The last time it worked was more then a year ago. But cant install from repository and that is because it is not showing. 0123 Thanks for your reply, i will try this and let you know. Its not a password as such. Hi Ian Because Leia is so different from previous versions, certain addons might not work correctly until theyre updated. When we break this problem down, there are only a few possible causes: either its an issue with Kodi 18 (which seems unlikely), somethings wrong with Yoda, or something isnt configured properly. Since Im running Kodi v16.0 Jarvis, Id really like to upgrade it to one of the Krypton versions. I have tried starting it as portable with no difference, I removed the extra monitor that I have in case this was causing the problem (with no change). Downloaded everything as instructed, but when I go into Neptune rising and placenta, I go to movies and click on something and nothing happens at all. You'll learn about various possible causes of this, followed by our validated solutions. First, can you see if theres an option to use a different scraper in Spectos options? I only let it play for a second or two. I am currently using a durex build with some add ons like tv zion, cinema, terrarium, all are having same issue. We have tried troubleshooting and nothing seems to work every once and a while something does work but 95% it doesnt. If youve installed any custom builds recently, they are likely the culprit and should be removed using one of the many available maintenance tools. Any idea what to do here? This is what happened when I added The Crew to 18.4: and I thought it was The Crew, but it is actually TVDB going through some upgrading. In the RedDawn Kodi Build, you can search content with filters like trending, recent, mostly watching, and new movies. If you include the link in a reply, Ill see if I can find the problem. For now. Thanks, Ian. The problem with the alpha builds is that theyre a little temperamental sometimes. We recommend using NordVPN. In fact, some older models even stutter with 1080p streams. It has many sections like Movies, Live TV, Docs, News, systems, etc. You can test this by opening the source address in your browser; if the folder is empty or not found, thats the root of your issue. HardNox Kodi Build is best for streaming Movies and TV Shows. This is due to streaming the pirated, copyrighted, or censored content through these builds. Hi Victoria, can I ask is this when playing files stored on your computer or when using an addon? (Sorry) Just wanted to try and convey where Im at with my computer related skill set, all so I can do my best to achieve mission accomplished with my issues here today, and to hopefully learn a lot more so I can enjoy more when using Kodi. The Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build works with Kodi 19, as we all know that this Build belongs to the popular Doomzday Repo. If so, Id recommend using a different scraper in the meantime. Hi Wasif, thats a weird issue. Does this problem occur with addons from the Kodi repo? Hi there, weve had a lot of reports about problems with Exodus and its forks recently. Now, when you reinstall Kodi, you'll get the fresh start you always wanted. Summary: uninstalled and reinstalled at least 6 times. Any suggestions welcom, Hi Tony, Ive had a quick look and it seems like Kodi has had problems with NAS playback for quite some time. I am unable to watch tv shows but I am able to watch movies. Ive installed Exodus and connected it to Trakt and been using it with great success for quite some time. Not liking this product so far as Ive only gotten it in January and its had major issues since i got it. I have a Trakt Account and can find all my collection. This Build has all types of genres, viz. I was directed to your site by ipVanish tec support. 2. even my third party option for download is reset to off. Sometimes, the black screen error is caused by improper shutdown, and flushing the cache might get you back to normal. C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\kodi\userdata\Database on Windows As far as recommended addons go, that really depends on what you like to watch. To install Kodi add-ons, first enable downloads from unknown sources. Its stuck at the spot where its telling me I have no TV files and go to Files. Everything was working fine. Launch Kodi and head over to the platforms Setting menu, which you can access via the main screen. That way, we dont need to access the downloads folder. Additionally, you could check to see if this problem occurs on addons from the official Kodi repo. I can not side-load the 64bit Intel version, nor the Arm8 64bit, without wiping everything and putting the machine in Developer Mode. It still failed to work. Can you tell me exactly what the error message says? Im not a noob to XBMC but this stuff is very annoying. When I click people watching or in theatres the next page is 2 dots (..) Usually, they come with all kinds of unofficial addons pre-installed, and they make troubleshooting quite a bit more difficult. Scroll down until you find Kodi, then click on Clear Cache. Cant navigate to root. Chef Wizard contains some awesome builds including Diggz Xenon build. Its possible that certain unofficial streams have a naming scheme that confuses subtitle addons. Occasionally, you might find that an addon that previously worked stops functioning overnight. This past weekend I tried to watch a movie (Jumanji #2) and it was telling me that no streams were available. I am going to have to clear cache & data and delete and reinstall kodi to try again. i though now it will work but no still wont do a thing Have you heard this? Are they gone forever from access? Thanks, Ian. If youve managed to install a repo, but an addon fails to install, there are several possible causes. Hey Marcus, can you upload the debug log somewhere so I can take a look? I have the last version of Libreelec with VPN running without other problems. Hope your Labor Day weekend was a good one. It is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately the only option is to wait for a patch. The Xenon build also saves you the trouble of having to download and install add-ons yourself, as it already comes with popular ones such as 7 of 9, Scrubs V2, cCloud TV, and many others. Any advice. I downloaded abc family as i wasnt sure if youtube really counted AND turned off the hardware exceleration all attempts to play just said video not available at this time It sounds like you have a pretty advanced setup thats impressive but it does make finding the root cause more difficult. Hope this helps, Ian, Hey. Go to watch a movie, pick from the scraped list, and the movie does the normal double fade like the link is working, then the moment it starts playing, Kodi stops working and kicks me out. Ive tried with Exodus, Neptune Rising, and Salts. If you cant find any problems with your network, there might be another cause. 5 letter words with t as the third letter, lock up garage for sale leigh on sea,